Wij hebben ons gespecialiseerd in producten en diensten op het gebied van:

Data Security & Control
VPN (IPsec and SSL)
Antivirus (realtime asci based gateways)
Intrusion Protection & Prevention
Content Control
URL Filtering
Secure Mail & Spam control
WAN acceleration & Proxy functionality

Access Security
Authentication hardware (Token or Challenge/Response)
Authentication server software
One Time Password (OTP) via Token, GSM or e-mail
Smartcard and Certificates
Tokenless strong authentication

Point Security
SSL VPN Remote Access Application Gateways
Instant Messenger (IM) en Peer-to-Peer (P2P) security
Spyware appliances met automatische clientless spyware removal en inocculatie
Email security & management platform

Layer7 network Admission & Access control

Application & Network Performance:
• Application Performance Troubleshooting and Monitoring
• Remote Surveilance of Business Critical Applications
• Wide Area Network Performance Troubleshooting and Monitoring
• Local Area Network Troubleshooting and Auditing
• Wireless Network Troubleshooting and Auditing
• Application and Network Baselining

• Structured Cabling Infrastructure Qualification and Certification
• Fiber Optic Infrastructure Qualification and Certification
• High Performance Cabling Systems Certification
• LAN/WAN Network Design
• Project Management and Supervision

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